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Mister Freedom Trailblazer Shirt

You know you’re just itching to buy some new gear–why else are you reading our New Releases? I suppose you could just be doing idle research, but we’ve decided to serve you up some sweet temptation from Mister Freedom.

The Trailblazer Shirt has a helluva lot going for it. Made from a weft-faced, brushed selvedge sateen, in this vibrant Prussian Blue, the shirt has the heft and look of a vintage French work coat. True to form, the whole piece is chock-full of authentic vintage details.

The shirt has ventilation eyelets, hidden waist pockets, and 1940s-style tin-pressed buttons; but that’s not all. Not only does the shirt pay homage to vintage workshirts – it apes some classic details from early rock-climbing gear. The complex double-back, double-yoke system gives serious mobility in case you decide to test your bouldering skills in selvedge sateen.

Practically guaranteed to age well, you won’t want to go easy on this beefy button-down.

Available for $380 at Self Edge.