This Cableami Cap Will Leave You Looking Like a Shaggy Dog

The Shaggy Dog cap by Cableami is NOT knit from dog hair. It’s 100% wool from some unknown animal, but definitely not a Cockapoo. While shaggy dogs aren’t the usual animals we wear on our heads and wrapped around our necks when it’s cold, they do make for good inspiration, and I think we can all agree that more texture and roughness in a wool accessory isn’t a bad thing. If your spirit animal is a poodle, then this hat might be your next accessory purchase,

Made in Japan, The Shaggy Dog cap is a nice neutral hue of brown, further highlighted with highlights throughout. The effect is hypnotizing, your friends and family will be transfixed on your noggin for the rest of the season, and your dog might even think you’ve transformed into a fellow canine.

Available for $90 at Corridor.