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Viberg Goes Brogue with a Four Pack of Shell Cordovan

It’s still unclear if we’re in a Post-Sneaker World, but Viberg’s latest Brogue-heavy, four-piece collection of Fancy Footwear™ probably doesn’t care what world we live in because it’s mostly just here to step on, step over, and otherwise mock other footwear, sneakers or otherwise.

Crafted entirely from Horween-sourced shell cordovan leather—Color No. 8 and black, because options—and available in both boot and shoe varietals, each of these unimpeachable* testaments to the Finer Things feature beautifully rendered broguing, a 360º Storm Welt, stacked soles and the “I did a good thing” piece of mind that comes with every Viberg purchase.

(*Very intentional, no wondering needed.)

As to where these four pairs differ, the Color No. 8 styles—a boot and a shoe—have antique welts, while the black ones are living that monochromatic life; the boots have some convenient speed hooks up top; and the broguing is of a wing varietal on the shoes, while it’s more of a cap-toe situation on the boots.

So, consider these highly qualified guides across that treacherous Post-Sneaker terrain—and probably whatever terrain comes after that, too.

They arrive in January.