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Winter Session’s Felix Bag Will Be With You For The Long Haul

The Waxed Canvas Felix Bag in Walnut or Grey from Winter Session will be your go-to bag if you let it. Made with 20oz. waxed canvas, vegetable tanned leather elements, and detachable strap, this bag will protect your cherished items and you won’t have to worry about it giving out anytime soon.

Now that I mention it, not only will this bag age with whiskers forming on the waxed canvas and patina forming on the leather bits, it will probably outlast its owner. Instant heirloom! On a lighter note, these bags are made in Colorado and are itching to be tested. For a timeless bag that looks just as good in the twenty-first century as it would have in the nineteenth, look no further.

Available for $244 at Freeman Seattle.