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Get Roped Into Freenote Cloth’s Modern Western Shirt

Freenote Cloth’s Modern Western shirt is for badasses only. Just look at this Japanese-milled jacquard, not anyone can pull this fabric off, you have to have some sort of Cowboy gene in your DNA for the proper effect. Give the shirt a shot if you’re good, bad, or ugly. You might find that the repeating Southwestern plaid fabric suits you, even if you live in the Northeast, miles from a real cow.

Made in the USA, the rinsed 12 ounce yard dyed plaid is 100% cotton, comes in red and black, features 1/8″ double-needle construction, custom real bone (that’s right) snaps with rope rim, button-adjusting cuffs, back yoke, western-style front chest yoke, two chest pockets with double snap closure on the western flap pockets so none of your precious looseleaf Bugler will fall out when you bend down to stretch your hamstrings.

Available for $320 at North Menswear in Red and Black.