Gamine Workwear’s Bobby Bibs Honor Legendary East Coast Vintage Aficionado Bobby Garnett

The folks at Gamine know a helluva lot about workwear and their newest release is the result of their long-standing relationships with a couple of industry greats: Dickies archivist, Ann Richardson, and the late Bobby Garnett of Bobby from Boston fame. Gamine is based in New England, which brought them into frequent contact with Bobby, who was widely known as a vintage workwear expert and whose expertise has been touted by the likes of Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford.

It was a pair of waxed cotton U.S. Army bib overalls in Bobby’s collection that inspired this new release, a style that stumped even this giant in the world of vintage clothing. The Bobby Bibs by Gamine pay homage to the original bib overalls found in Bobby’s collection and have been transformed into the ideal overall—a process facilitated by Ann Richardson as well. All manner of fabrics and patterns were tried out, but ultimately they settled on a 10oz. fisher stripe fabric milled in Georgia.

The overalls have been slimmed down in the top half and all the pockets are on the thighs and seat. Not only this, but adjustable side ties were added so as to slim down or loosen the silhouette as needed and of course, buckled straps—for ease of wear and removal. The entire ensemble is made in Texas and these groovy new bibs are currently in production—so if you act now you can be among the first to reserve a pair for yourself.

Bobby Garnett may have passed away in 2016, but his legacy and love for workwear hasn’t gone anyway. He’d probably be pleased to know those army bibs that hung for years in his showroom were finally getting their moment in the sun. Shop Gamine’s new bib to support not only great workwear but thoughtful research, innovation, and a brand that supports their friends and collaborators.

Available for $160 at Gamine.