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Jelado’s Mohair Caridgan Smells Like Teen Spirit

A space heater can only do so much. When the temperature drops it’s nice to have something cozy to bundle up in–ideally something that’ll work chilling on the couch–or out at a bar, when your friends drag you out into the cold to be social.

Jelado makes just such a piece – the ‘Cobain’ Mohair Cardigan. Super fuzzy and textural — as any good mohair should be — these cardigans have that “don’t give a shit” chic thing going for them. Available in a black, and pear green check, these cardigans are heavily inspired by Kurt Cobain’s iconic cardigan worn during Nirvana’s 1993 MTV Unplugged performance.

The mohair, in this case, is blended with wool and nylon and certainly channels that Cobain je ne sais quoi. With a relaxed neckline, five button closure, and knitted cuffs – this piece is best worn in slightly oversized and reeking of cigarettes.

Available for  £379 (~$505 USD) at Clutch Cafe.