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Klaxon Howl’s Watchcap Is The Truth

Sure, you might have a watch cap, but do you have a True Watchcap? Presenting Klaxon Howl’s 90% wool, 10% nylon, the anti brain-freeze. In a variety of colors, the True Watchcap isn’t like any accessory you’ll find at your local bodega, unless your local bodega is actually a menswear boutique.

Klaxon Howl put some nylon in there so the hat will keep it’s shape, and to help reduce pilling–we’ve all had a garment or wool good that gets covered in those little balls of fabric, and they’re not the most fun thing to remove, unless you have one of those fabric razors. Let’s not forget about the awful feeling of wearing a garment textured with pills.

Made in Canada, the True Watchcap features a four-seam design, and double fold on the brim. It’s up to you if you want to don the hat as a hipster might (a yamaka), or if you want to pull it down a little to warm up those ears, and if it’s really cold you can pull it over your head like a head sock.

Available for $40 at Upstate Stock.