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Norse Projects Checks In With Japanese Gauze For Its Osvald Shirt

Button-ups and I are at a weird place in our relationship. I love a good one, for instance, but I don’t remember the last time I wore one properly (and by properly I mean buttoned and/or my size). And while I don’t really wear them anymore—blame relaxing office standards and sweaters in general—I still want more and by “more” I mostly mean this plaid Norse Projects Osvald Japanese Gauze Shirt.

Outfitted with a plaid that presumably attends The Church of Versatility and constructed with a Japanese-woven wool gauze fabric—lightweight AND warm, for those (me) that don’t need to be challenged by their clothing—this perfect winter piece features a point collar, a button front placket with mother of pearl buttons, buttoned cuffs and a rounded hem.

It’s allegedly tailored (re: slim), so that’s something to take note of, but otherwise it’s going to be hard to find a piece that can slot into Randomly Selected Person’s Winter Wardrobe as seamlessly as this one. And to be clear, that’s a very good thing.

Available for $350 CAD (~$266) at Lost & Found.