Stevenson Overall Co. Muffles the Cold With Wool Blend Mufflers

My personal hot take is that one shouldn’t wear a scarf unless they’re a French New Wave director or on a Polar expedition, but even I can be swayed by an especially fuzzy take on the classic.

Stevenson Overall has one such delightfully cozy option:  the Chenille muffler. The blended wool they use has a super-fuzzy, hairy texture, almost like a fleece. The wool/polyester combo makes for a piece that is almost stiflingly warm, which you’ll certainly want if you live in a place that actually demands scarf-wearing.

Stevenson kept the muffler super simple, all three colorways feature a small hole through which you can loop the scarf, which ought to make the thing fit closer to your neck and better cut the wind. While I can’t personally get down with scarves, I know a good thing when I see it. So those of you living in chilly places, hurry up and grab these, SOC doesn’t mess around.

Available for £110 (~$150 USD) at Clutch Cafe.