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Don’t Spill on Your Belafonte Ragtime Herringbone Twill Jacket

Imagine spending over $500 on a cream-colored jacket. The anxiety you’ll face when carrying coffee around, or eating a drippy sandwich, or even sweating too much in the thing. It’s not so hard to imagine when the jacket’s as nice as Belafonte’s Ragtime Jacket.

A jacket so nice, you may end up not minding the little stains that inevitably occur when you’re living your life without being conscious of every potential spill or mishap, or you won’t—that’s what those Tide stain remover pens are for.

We’re looking at a Japanese made, off-white, 100% cotton herringbone twill. The jacket’s got a vintage cut, single needle construction, rivet-reinforcement at stress points, pleated front, metal button closure, throat latching collar, adjustable button cuffs, and v-shaped front pocket.

It’s one of the coolest Type I’s we’ve seen, and can only get cooler with age, assuming you’re collecting some authentic stains along the way.

Available for $605 at Clutch Cafe.