Converse Warms Your Feet With Primaloft CT 1970s

You’re in the market for a fresh pair of sneakers, but it’s winter and your toes are numb due to below zero temps, Converse has your feet literally covered with the 1970s Hi Chuck Taylor’s in Primaloft.

You heard right, Primaloft-insulated Chucks, so you can wear your chucks sledding on the next snow day. But even if school’s not cancelled, you’ll want to wear these anywhere your feet are cold, and don’t we all hate cold feet? Literally and metaphorically.

Pair these with your favorite wool socks, and your toes will be sweating, thankfully the lacing grommets will provide at least a little circulation.

With a ripstop upper to ensure a longer lifespan through seasons of trudging through snow, tonal gradient detailing, classic rubber sole (beware of ice), white laces, your feet are sure to stand out in the snow. Get both pairs to mix and match for a truly psychedelic flex.

Available for $100 (Royal Blue/Rose Maroon) at Lost & Found.