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Corridor’s Highland Wool Collection Harnesses the Power of Peruvian Sheep

Highland wool comes from the Highland sheep in Peruvian Andes. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that movie Alive with the rugby team whose plane crashes in the mountains and they all nearly freeze to death and have to debate about eating their dead friend to survive, but that’s to say it gets pretty cold in the Andes. These Highland sheep, however, they’re just relaxing up there like it’s no big deal, probably not thinking about eating their friends at all.

Well you can harness the power of those high altitude bleaters with Corridor’s Highland Wool collection, including these sweaters and beanies made of that very same fleece. They’re both thick gauge knits, with the sweater produced on a “hammer shoulder” pattern, replete with a crew neck and suede elbow patches.

The garments themselves were made in Lima, Peru in partnership with Eunice Moran’s Innovative Knitwear. All are available in both a natural and brown color for $85-$285 at Heddels.