Krammer & Stoudt Collab with L.C. King for the Carson Jacket

We all know that there’s no way to have much denim workwear in our lives, but it’s easy for a collection to get redundant. After all, how many denim Type II jackets do you really need?  There’s a way to keep buying denim without redundancies, but it requires vigilance and research–both of which we provide for you.

One such denim piece of workwear is the Indigo Carson Jacket from Krammer & Stoudt made in collaboration with L.C. King. The light, steely-blue indigo weighs in at 8.5oz. and keeps things simple with two chest pockets and a concealed button placket.

The oversize silhouette means you could actually do some physical work in this baby of you really wanted to. Branded antique buttons and classic gold thread are all the more classic and the jacket is made in the U.S.A.

With the great fashion sense intrinsic to K&S as well as the know-how of the good people at L.C., you have a denim piece that’s just different enough.

Available for $295 at Sonder Supplies.