Pure Blue Japan’s Yarn Dyed Indigo T-Shirt Comes Pre-Sunburned

Need a solid indigo dyed T-shirt, but don’t want to wait 4 years for it to fade? Pure Blue Japan’s got you covered with the “Yard-Dyed” Indigo T-Shirt. Heavily distressed by the master fade smiths at PBJ, the t-shirt in question is probably more faded than any of your other indigo t-shirts, especially the overdyed ones you’re too afraid to wash.

Well, even Pure Blue Japan’s got to embrace the pre-faded look sometimes, so we can too.

Our resident fadeologists here at Heddels have determined that this 100% long staple cotton material was dyed with pure indigo before being completely faded away almost immediately after being dyed. Yes, it’s faded, no you don’t have to lose any of your Denimbro credibility.

It’s pure blue, baby. No worries about this tee crocking, folks. Your significant others won’t be telling you to stay off the furniture due to indigo transfer when you wear this one, not unless your jeans are still indigo-rich.

Available for $155 at Self Edge.