C.O.F. Studio Sews Up a Selvedge Harrington

There are few jackets that are as timeless as the Harrington. Spanning many generations, cultures, and sub-cultures, this jacket has survived trend after trend, fad after fad, cementing its role as a truly iconic piece of clothing.

Now with such a strong reputation, you can imagine there is a lot of pressure when it comes to tweaking the jacket for the modern day. However C.O.F. has really hit the mark with their interpretation—the Studio Harrington Jacket in Indigo Selvedge Chambray.

As the name alludes, this jacket is made from indigo-dyed chambray which is enzyme washed for extra softness. Fitted with two side pockets, a back vent, and a subtle herringbone lining, this jacket is styled with just enough and not a smidge more.

Made in Portugal out of 100% cotton, this Harrington stays true to the original while expressing some modern flair and can fill in no matter the calling. And yes it will surely take on individualized tones and creases as it ages—something I’d like to see an original do, thank you very much!

Available for $380 at Franklin & Poe.