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Conquer All Weather In Moonstar’s Alweather Shoe

Based in Kurume, Japan, Moonstar is one of a select few brands still continuing to craft vulcanized shoes the old fashioned way.  The Alweather might appear confusing at first glance. Is it a sneaker? A boot? A pump or plimsoll? Well, we’re not sure either (we didn’t promise you answers). One thing is for sure – it’s a hybrid.

Looking like the secret lovechild of an L.L. Bean Duck Boot and a PF Flyers All- American, the Alweather features a rubber covering on a large portion of the upper. Intended to be fit for rain, snowy, and muddy conditions, the Alweather provides resilience without the weight and awkwardness of a boot. They’re made by a handful of skilled artisans who use wood-fired kilns to bake the rubber sole onto the shoe, providing a flexible, durable sole that will retain its shape.

So if you’re looking for sneaker style and comfort but you’re sick of your Chuck’s getting soaked in every shower, look no further.

Available for $230 at Blue In Green