Converse Patches Up Off-White CT1970s With Ripstop & More

Thankfully for us, the Converse Chuck Taylor Hi is not only one of the most versatile sneakers of all time –  it’s simplicity makes it one of the easiest trainers to manipulate and design. And because of this, we’re treated to fresh, new Converse year in, year out. The latest to catch our eye? This patchwork edition of the CT1970s Hi.

These sneakers come in shades of antique white and tones of military green, each paneled with a buffet of fabrics- canvas, twill, ripstop, and jersey fabric. It’s safe to say that the designers went pretty trigger-happy with this release, but it works in it its own Wabi-Sabi way. In fact, there is something almost Boro-esque about the patchwork uppers on these Chucks.

As usual with the 1970s Converse releases, these come with a robust rubber sole and silver-tone hardware.

Available for $130 at SSense