Heddels Lifestyle Edit Vol. 1

Quality product doesn’t end at selvedge denim, artisan leather, and expertly crafted accessories. In the last few years, we have seen more and more lifestyle products on our radars. From homeware to coffee, ornaments to incense, there seems to be an option to upgrade almost every aspect of your life with unique and interesting products.

‘Own things you want to use forever’ is a statement that can reach far beyond the wardrobe, and we are always working to expand that focus to other elements of modern life. With this in mind, we’ve started the Heddels Lifestyle Edit.

From homeware to kitchen goods and apothecary, this series will bring you our curated selections of some of the finest lifestyle and home products available today, from makers and stores which resonate with our philosophy.

Kiriko Pillows


If you’re into traditional Japanese crafts and aesthetic, it’s hard not to love Kiriko Made. And if you’re looking to incorporate a splash of rich indigo into your interior, be that lounge or office, then Kiriko’s handmade pillows are a great place to start.

Seen above in split indigo Kasuri-ori cross and Tsumugi Silk, there is a wide variety to choose from and Kiriko are always sourcing new fabrics from Japan to craft into handsome home goods.

Available from $58 at Kiriko Made.

Aeropress Coffee Maker


When it comes to coffee, the almighty Aeropress is one of the most simple and rewarding homebrew methods. We discussed this humble coffee chamber in our article Making Coffee at Home: Common Brew Methods, but it’s essentially a plastic chamber that pushes brewed coffee through a small paper filter directly into your drinking vessel.

Coming with a scoop and loader, the Aeropress is a really good place to start if you want to start getting the most out of your home-brewed coffee. They’re also super portable and hard-wearing.

Available for $30 at Aeropress.

Fox Umbrellas TEL4 Whangee Crook Umbrella


There is so much emphasis on waterproof fabrics and technical outerwear these days that the humble umbrella is often overlooked. Quite frankly, that’s because most umbrellas are, well, humble. They break, turn inside out in the wind turning you into a walking meme, or they’re so forgettable you leave yours in that umbrella-bucket by the store entrance door.

Enter Fox Umbrellas. Amongst other makers, Fox Umbrellas have taken it upon themselves to engineer the umbrella for maximum charm and rainfall protection. Crafted with a robust polyester cover and whangee (genus of bamboo) handle, you certainly won’t be leaving one of these bad boys on the bus.

Available for $130 at Clutch Cafe.

Leather Valet Tray


Organize that daily clutter that lives nomadically between your pockets, your coffee table, and your kitchen side by investing in a solid valet tray to leave by your front door.

You can toss keys, credit cards, and other ephemera into these cute little trays, and if you invest in a nice leather piece like the Tanner  Goods options above, you can watch earn a unique patina as the years go by.

Available for $85 at Tanner Goods.

The Porter Mug 12 oz.


It’s no secret that reusable coffee cups are a staple these days, and for good reason, too. But the ‘keep-cup’ has swiftly become one of those products that has a million-and-one options, many of which are pretty average.

Symptoms of a budget reusable coffee cup are lack of heat-retention, coffee staining which can affect flavor, and loose lids that lead to spillages and heat loss. The Porter Mug is a high-quality replacement for disposable, plastic to-go mugs, made of ceramic, silicone, and plastic.

Available for $30 at Upstate Stock.

Incienso De Santa Fe Incense Burners


Incense is a delightful way to fill the home with glorious aromas from around the world. If you’re an avid incense burner, Incienso De Santa Fe craft these painfully-cute incense burners right out of Mexico.

With charming Americana designs like the tepee pictured above, each Incienso De Santa Fe incense burner comes with handmade pine incense cones produced by the bran themselves. They make for great ornaments and build a rugged, charred patina with daily use.

Available for $12 at Manready Mercantile.

 Kelly Pottery Glazed Blue Ceramic Drip Coffee Filter


If you’re already a homebrew coffee aficionado, you’ll be well versed in brewing drip coffee at home. Hario’s V0 drippers may have their own unique charm, but these indigo ceramic drip coffee filters made by Kelly Pottery for Kiriko Made are a step above in terms of aesthetic.

Crafted in Portland, Oregon, these ceramic drip filters come embossed with the Kiriko Emblem which represents the indigo plant.

Available for $42 at Kiriko.

Tanner Goods Room Spray


The time of air fresheners is over. If you want people to actually want to come to your house, you need some decent room spray.

Jokes aside, the difference between a high-quality room spray and an aerosol air freshener is that the room spray will last longer, embed itself into your upholstery, and have a genuine, well-rounded, clean scent that won’t sting anyone’s nostrils.

Available for $32 at Tanner Goods.

Winter Session Dopp Kit


Dopp kits are a great way to keep your grooming products organize and stowed away safely both in and out of the home. As well as keeping your toiletries and what-not in order, they look awesome, especially when they’ve been crafted by the folks at Winter Session.

These robust dopp kits are made from a 20oz. cotton waxed canvas with a leather handle and zipper pull, and a brass YKK zipper. With specs like that, you can rest assured no one is going to be accidentally using your toothbrush anytime soon.

Available for $58 at the Heddels Shop.