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Iron Heart and Japan’s Four Speed Leathers Make a Type III In Split Steer Roughout

It’s that time of year where all the Japanese heavy-hitters drop their latest and greatest leather jackets. Would it have been more appropriate to release these jackets in the Fall? Yes, but better late than never. And with summer coming, you’re gonna want to scoop up your new jacket as soon as you can, in order to break it in before things get too hot.

One such jacket is the Split Steer Roughout Type III from Iron Heart. Made specially for IH by Four Speed Japan, the jacket is cut the same as Iron Heart’s famous modified-length Type III jackets. Cut longer than its vintage inspiration to accommodate modern low-rise pants, this jacket features some handy-dandy hand warmer pockets and all the tough-as-nails hardware you’d expect from Iron Heart.

The Japanese rough out steer hide comes in a rich brown and with all the texture from the rough out, it has a vaguely Once Upon a Time In Hollywood feel to it. The bartack-reinforced jacket is fully lined with cotton twill and has not one, but two internal snap pockets.

This sturdy jacket feels great and will protect you whether you’re riding a motorcycle or falling down in your local watering hole.

Rich colors, impeccable construction, and an uneatable silhouette? What more could you ask for?

Available for $1,050 at Division Road Inc.