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Protect Yourself From April Showers In The Veilance Apsis Coat

It’s hard to find the perfect raincoat, but Veilance’s Apsis Coat comes close. Techwear bros won’t know what to make of you when you show up to the coding party wearing this sleek, long-fitting, cyberpunk-y piece of 87% Nylon/13% Elastane. They might even think you’re a Blade Runner.

You certainly won’t be mistaken for a replicant in this unique jacket, so don’t worry about being retired before your time. Only a human could have such refined taste in technical outerwear. All jokes aside, this thing’s going to keep you dry in all kinds of rain, and it’s about as well made as you could ask for.

What more do you ask for? Well, you’ve got a toggle-adjusting hood, dual-layer pockets with a zipper closure so you don’t drop your forged credentials, and some nifty stretch inserts sewn into the cuffs — a detail you won’t see anywhere other than the Apsis. Sound good? Oh yeah, the seams are fully taped, and the body is patterned for unrestricted mobility (shit, maybe you are a replicant),

Available for $529 at Understudy