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RRL Jacquard Wool Workshirt Sweater Is Inspired By a 1960s Horse Blanket

Considering the Current State of Things™, it would be fair to make some rash decisions regarding personal finance allocation.

For instance, you could donate all disposable income to a deserving cause, of which there is an unsettling volume. You could also decide all of those problems are too big and instead funnel that cash into a Vegas bender, which seems fun. You could choose to only eat out until you run out of money, which seems satisfying, at least. Or— and hear me out—you could just buy this RRL Jacquard Wool Workshirt and steep yourself in its rock-solid design and bank-draining pricepoint.

Inspired by a 1960s horse blanket from the brand’s archive and crafted with a 98/2 wool/cashmere blend fabric, this mid-weight overshirt-jacket features a point collar, a button front placket, matching patch pockets at the chest, slanted welt pockets at the waist, button cuffs and a flat hem.

Like cilantro that costs hundreds of dollars, RRL isn’t for everyone, but it does what it does — ‘Ranch Things’ but make them luxury — really well, and this one is a tentpole production.

Available for $895 from Stag Provisions