Takeyari Canvas Large Tote Bags Are Big ‘n’ Waterproof

I’m sorry if you didn’t already know, but backpacks are out. Unless you’re in grade school, you need to level up to the next tier of stuff-carrying. Hopefully this won’t surprise you, but that next level is the tote. Tote bags are versatile, but oftentimes they’re pretty cheap and don’t quite hold up to the rigors of daily life the same way our tough jeans do.

I guess that’s where Takeyari ought to be mentioned. Takeyari is a Japanese company making high-quality tote bags that are more than ready for all the chaos your daily commute can throw at them. Their paraffin-coated canvas will be waterproof and just as rough n’ ready as your favorite jeans.

Unlike average totes, these have outer and inner pockets for better organization as well as metal rivets and hardware. These totes measure 35 x 37 x 17, but you can also get them in a smaller size if you don’t have quite as much to lug around.

Regardless, these totes, available in both navy and black, are remarkably well-made and will only improve with age.

Available for $150 at Okayama Denim.