The Real McCoy’s M-65 Field Jacket ‘1st Model’ Olive MJ17010

Heralded as one of the most famous example of utilitarian turned fashion, the M-65 has been the jacket of choice for people from all walks of life since its introduction in, you guessed, 1965 with little sign of losing influence.

And if you were looking for an indication of how relevant the iconic jacket still is, The Real McCoy’s have tapped it for yet another reproduction. Their M-65 Field Jacket ‘1st Model’ in Olive MJ17010 shows off The Real McCoys extreme eye for painstakingly accurate details and the results are near perfect.

At the apex of midcentury utility, this 100% cotton jacket has two huge chest pockets as well as two equally generous lower pockets. Finished off with an internal hood, and vintage inspired Talon zippers, this jacket walks the walk.

So if you want an M-65 but don’t want to go the vintage route, just know you are looking at the cream of the crop.

Available for $660 at Lost & Found.