Anonymous Ism Drenches Your Feet In Indigo With Its Shibori Dye Crew Sock

It’s no secret that you love indigo. Everyone knows. Your couch and car seat have turned blue, your favorite white sneakers are blue around the edges, and while some might call it a problem… and addiction, even, we’re here to enable you.

Look here, Anonymous Ism has just dropped Shibori Dye Socks! Now that one item of your wardrobe that was white or black or whatever can now be your absolute favorite shade of fade-able blue.

As always, these socks are made in Japan and their cotton/nylon blend is actually super practical and ought to keep your feet cozy all day. Alright you monster, we know you’re sold already!

Get to crocking the inside of your shoes and cuffs, hurry, do it!

Available for $42 CAD (~$32 USD) at NAQP.