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Naked & Famous Teases Its Collaboration With 1984’s The Toxic Avenger

Naked & Famous went all the way to Tromaville, New Jersey to make these Toxic Avenger x Naked & Famous Denim items. They weren’t just dipped in indigo, they were left in a vat of nuclear waste, all so you could represent your affinity for everyone’s favorite radioactive hero.

If it’s not obvious who these collab items were crafted to appreciate, one will only have to look at your right butt cheek (or back patch if you’re rocking the jacket) to see the Toxic Avenger’s face embroidered there in the usual N&F collaboration fashion, much like their recent Dragon Ball Z collab.

The brand’s expertly B-made video says it all, but here’s some details on these toxic denim items, sure to be the centerpiece on your TTA cosplay, or your halloween costume this year:  Garbagealogically organic cotton, tromaton-infused from time spent in toxic sludge, producing a miso-mash of three alternating twills- left, right, and broken, the centerpiece of this collab (complete with a toxic green weft).

Pink and printed pocket bags that recall Melvin’s tutu pre-mutation, and the Avenger himself embossed on the leather patch. Fans of the cult film, do not sleep on these toxic garments, sleep in them to better form them to your fit.

Available for $232 for the jeans (in Weird Guy, Easy Guy, and Super Guy fits) and $449 for the jacket from Naked & Famous.