Practical Melds into Nigel Cabourn’s Welder Pant

Nigel Cabourn’s Natural Welders Pant is providing all the functionality of hard wearing work pants while affording a level of comfort usually only found in years old clothing. How does he do it? Let me let you in on some “science”. Ever heard of it? These cotton duck canvas pants have been treated with an enzyme wash giving them a softer feel and look. Voila, the total look at a fraction of the effort.

And truly, what a look it is. They posses all the utilitarian details you could want, including double layers of fabric on the the front and seat (what’s a blow out?) contrast tool pocket on the side, roomy back pockets, one with a zipper, and suspender buttons.

Coming in a roomy, straight cut, I cannot stress enough how versatile these pants are. We are talking woodworking at 5, art gallery at 6, and skate park at 7 energy.

I’d think of these ones as blank canvas and although the fades won’t be as strong, the stains, dirt, and grim will be, so get messy.

Available for $310 at Nigel Cabourn.