Suntanned to Perfection South2 West8’s Sunforger Tote

Long gone are my backpack days, now all I need for a short trip, or my work commute is my trusty tote. Our accessories put up with a lot and are often overlooked. If you have any extra money in your jawns budget, but no apparel is jumping out at you, maybe it would be best to upgrade your carrying method.

South2 West8 has dropped a pretty heavy-duty bag they’re calling their Canal Park tote. Made in the USA from a 100% cotton twill called Sunforger cloth, this bag looks like it’s ready for whatever the world may throw at it.

That Sunforger cloth might not look like much from a distance, but it’s naturally water repellent from its trademark tight weave. Add cowhide handles and you’re gonna want to show this baby off, not just run errands. The bag measures 23.5″ x 4.25″ x 14″ and should easily accommodate all your favorite to-go belongings (but seriously, please stay at home for the time being).

Available for $225 at Blue in Green.