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Lady White Co. Joins Forces With H.W. Dog For A Summer Ballcap

If you’re anything like me, you like simplicity and quality. But, when it comes to baseball caps, you’d be surprised at how elusive this combination can be. However, it looks like that magic rock that I’ve been talking to actually does work, because Lady White Co. has come together with Japanese hat maker H.W. Dog to release a trio of straight-to-the-point summer caps for your wearing pleasure.

It’s true though right? Sometimes, when you factor in a certain standard of quality, simplicity is thrown out the door. Pointless embroidery, logos, and prints can really mar otherwise really nice, essential items. But not these summer caps, what you see is what you get. And in case your eyes are closed, that means a lightweight 6-panel polyester cap in either tan, navy, or black with a leather strap and metal adjustable buckle.

Coming in one size fits most, these made in Japan caps are low-hanging fruit when it comes to summer ballcap selection.

Available for $96 at Lost & Found