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Oldblue Co. Utilizes Its Denim Scraps With Its Type I Denim Wallet

Oldblue Co. is setting a great example with their Type I Denim Wallet. For one thing, it looks awesome. Secondly, it’s made with a lower ecological footprint, featuring locally sourced vegetable-tanned cowhide and a raw denim outer made from Oldblue Co.’s selvedge scraps.

Veghg-tan leather and raw selvedge denim is a combination that can’t lose, but it’s the smaller details that really elevate the wallet.  Oldblue and Co. has flaunted their attention to detail with their looped decorative arcuate, Scovill rivets, and exposed selvedge. They didn’t need to do all, that but they did. And to be honest, we’ve come to expect this kind of ornate panache from the Indonesian denim label.

Available for $75 at The Oldblue Co.