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Viberg Stitches Up Its Service Boot In Shinki Horsebutt

For those in the know, the phrase “Shinki horsehide” will elicit a rapturous reaction, for anyone else, read on for an explanation.

World-famous boot-maker Viberg is already well-regarded for its exceptional construction and design, but occasionally it ups the ante even further with a super-high-end leather. In this case, they’re using a Horsebutt leather from one of the world’s most beloved tanneries, Shinki.

The Oiled Horsebutt and Black Horsebutt leathers in question are their first non-shell cordovan pre-orders, but for good reason. The tanning process takes a full 10 months and the resulting leather is phenomenal. The classic silhouette of these service boots is finished off with tonal stitching, speed hooks, and a ridgeway sole.

Because of world events, it will be some time before these brogue toe-capped beauties are finished, but they’ll absolutely be worth the six month wait. They’ll arrive in the hopefully post-COVID world when we’re all finally free.

Available for pre-order for $815 at Viberg