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Allevol & Inverallan Weave Cotton & Linen For Its Lightweight Lumber Cardigan

You might not be the captain of a Scottish fishing boat IRL, but you can look like one while wearing the Allevol Lumber Cardigan, a collaboration with Inverallen of Scotland.  This spiffy sweater comes with instant middle-age and graying scruff on your chin. Not really, but you’d be perfectly styled if it did. That said, this cable-knit would sit perfectly on most folk, from the cleanest cut to the most rugged.

Made from a versatile cotton-linen blend hand-woven by Inverallan, this versatile sweater hits a sweet spot when it comes to weight. It’s substantial enough to warm you up while you play Animal Crossing indoors amidst a mid-April winter spell, but light enough to act as a safety net on a breezy summer evening.

Made in Scotland, this mesmerizing cable-knit button-up comes with crafted wood buttons, woven-in pockets, and a wide-spread knit collar.

Available for $375 at Clutch Cafe