Butts & Shoulders Swings Into Summer With Veg-Tan Monkey Boots

Hate to just dive in without several failed attempts at clever humor but Butts and Shoulders are producing their take on the historic monkey boot and we need tot talk about it. First introduced during WWII by the Czechoslovakian army, the boots have had several revivals starting with the mods in the early 60s all the way up to the present day with heritage workwear fashion in full swing.

Made from chemical free leather, these Norwegian welted utilitarian boots turned fashionable footwear are going to develop a satisfying patina with wear and age.

But what makes these boots extra special in such a quality fixated community is its maximum transparency. Beyond their “Making of the Monkeys” video which actually outlines the process for how these boots are made (which is already a step above most companies), if you notice, two of the product photos actually show a cross section of the boot which allows you to see exactly what’s inside.

Available for 295 ($319USD) from Butts and Shoulders