Fill Up South2 West8’s Grocery Bag When Lockdown Is Over

True story:  I visited a South2 West8 fleece at the Nepenthes NY store no less than four times before not buying it* one winter, and I still think about it more often than any sane person should think about a solid navy blue fleece with two pockets and not much else going on. Anyways, I like almost everything South2 West8 put out, even though I don’t fly fish**. I do frequent grocery stores, however, so I’m extra into this Grocery Bag.

(*I have a separate venue on this website dedicated to my very normal shopping habits so I’ll keep this space clean. **Side note:  I still like that Keizo Shimizu got super hyped on fly fishing and made a line so that he could always wear fly fishing gear and it works. That’s all.)

Made in Japan from a durable, fly fishing-inspired (themes) polyester mesh fabric, this tie-dyed bag features two different straps for ease of use and a little IKYK patch at the bottom.

Is there a reason to be spending over $175 on a tote in this economy? Absolutely not, but also the grocery store is the only thing open anymore so you gotta flex where you can. And at least this one is venue-appropriate. 

Available for £136 (~$170 USD at Goodhood