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Small Maker Spring/Summer – Picks From the Latest Season

If you’ve been keeping up with us at Heddels lately, you know that a lot of our favorite small brands and retailers are in trouble. We do a lot of interviews, ask a lot of questions, but at the end of the day, the only way we can make a difference is by shopping with these people we love. Even though we’re in a crisis, our brands and their owners are still the same folks we know and care about.

Though the present seems bleak, we’ll all make it out of this together, and maybe if you play your cards right, you’ll leave quarantine better-dressed than when you went in. Supply lines may be disrupted and not all the releases we’ve anticipated are out, but there are certainly great options begging to be copped and broken in.

If you’d like a little diversion and you’ve been itching to do some online shopping, now’s the time. You can upgrade your wardrobe, raise your spirits, and support your favorite brands and retailers. But remember, though the present seems gloomy, it’ll be warm by the time we’re out, so let’s think ahead to summer with these ten great pieces.

Tellason Ecru Jean Jacket


Tellason Ecru Jacket. Image via Tellason.

White/natural/ecru, we can agree that when it’s not in t-shirt form, it can be a little hard to pull off. But when better to add some lightness to your wardrobe than now? Tellason offers their classic Type III jacket in a 8oz. Japanese Marcella fabric that’s more bedford cord than denim.

Their low-key, contemporary styling pairs great with the ecru and guess what? The ecru’s gonna pair well with the rest of your summer wardrobe.

Available for $198 at Tellason

Grant Stone Penny Loafer in Suede


Grant Stone Loafer. Image via Twitter.

At some point, you’re going to have to go back to work. Which means at some point, you’re going to have to take your slippers off and be productive. To make that transition as smooth as possible, we’d recommend loafers, especially these suede traveler loafers from Grant Stone.

They do a bunch of color ways and materials, all of which are on sale, but there’s something awesome about that bourbon suede. These will work great for the next month or so at home and even better for a summer sans covid.

Available at Grant Stone for $250.

3sixteen Navy Black Satin Cargo Pant


Image via 3sixteen.

Obviously, when it comes to summertime clothing, you don’t have to lighten up the color of the fabric, as long as you lighten the weight. 3sixteen came in hot this season with a bunch of heavy hitters, but one of the best was their take on the cargo pant.

Slimmed down and cleaned up, there’s nothing frumpy about these cargos. Their Japanese satin breaks in just like a vintage BDU should, but with a little extra slub and plenty of breathability. With their roomy top block, you’ll feel almost like you’re still in your comfy quarantine clothes, except you’ll look much sharper.

Available for $285 at 3sixteen.

Lady White Co. Pique Polo


Lady White Co. Polo in Bone. Image via Lady White Co.

It’s hard to make a polo look cool, but I think if anyone can do it, it’s the perennially cool dudes over at Lady White Co. Their polo straddles that fine dorky-chic line by making it a full button-down. The polo comes in a few colors, but the above shade of Bone feels like it would go well with most anything. And given how long all my Lady White Co. pieces have lasted, I think it’s fair to say you’ll get major bang for your buck.

Available at Lady White Co. for $140.

Noah NY Adjustable Corduroy Work Pant


Noah NY cords. Image via Noah NY.

Noah is a brand I’ve long kept my eyes on, especially with their focus on giving back to their community and repairing the environment. But obviously they make great stuff too and their corduroy work-pants are a great example of that.

There’s a common misconception that corduroys are only for the winter months, but a thinner, fine-waled cord will work great for the summer, especially on the coasts. They’ve paired this awesome light fabric with great summery colors and a comfy waistband that should accommodate that extra quarantine weight.

Available for $228 at Noah NY.

Mister Freedom Swabbies Dungarees


Swabbies. Image via Mister Freedom.

The fashion-forward women in my life have been rocking flared Navy dungarees for quite some time now and I’d begun to lust after a pair. Lo and behold, Mister Freedom released a modified version of the classic, just in time for the warm months.

While certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, the 10oz. snow denim will be about as perfect as denim can get for summer. This will be a polarizing option, but goddamn if you can pull it off—get the heck after it.

Available for $389.95 at Mister Freedom.

Alden x Snake Oil Provisions Temple Oxford


Image via Snake Oil Provisions.

Snake Oil Provisions doesn’t slack off when it comes to their footwear. The Temple Oxford is a special makeup from Alden and goddamn, they did everything right. The black calf suede looks buttery and perfect for pairing with all those white summer pants you never wear.

The shoe takes the Indy Boot silhouette and throws it on a dynamic black wedge outsole. Different enough to draw the eye, but classic enough to wear forever, this is a dynamite collab, well worth your time.

And thanks to the SOP Stimulus Plan, if you buy something now, you’ll get 15% off something later. So this cop will beget future cops.

Available for $570 at Snake Oil Provisions.

Corridor NYC Beach Blanket Jacket


Image via Corridor NYC.

Chore coats are extremely versatile, but I only ever wear mine to the beach. With all the pockets, you don’t need an extra bag. You can get a paperback in the lower pockets, some sunscreen, and maybe a beer too, if you’re sneaky.

Corridor NYC obviously agrees with me that Chore Coats are best for the beach, because they modified the classic silhouette to make it the perfect beach layer. A washed cotton flannel in a beautiful mint green gives you the functionality of the workwear classic without the heavy workwear feel. Like much of the new Corridor stuff, this piece was made responsibly in India, and man, it looks great.

Available for $215 at Corridor NYC.

ROY Indigolover Jeans


ROY jeans. Image via Self Edge.

Look, you know about these jeans already. I’ve already written about them in a New Release, but I can’t recommend them highly enough. You’ve probably seen people on Reddit complaining about the price, but guess what? Unlike some of the nickel-and-dime crap those guys like, these jeans are a work of art. The price might seem steep, but you have to see these to believe them. If you’re serious about denim, ROY is the be-all, end-all. Nothing like some Cone Mills denim to help you ride out the warmer months.

Available for $415 at Self Edge.

Knickerbocker Mfg Gym Hoody


KMFG hoody. Image via KMFG.

I normally obsess over Knickerbocker’s exquisitely cut chinos, but this season I’m also obsessed with their fleece options. Their tops are just as good and their Gym Hoody in the garish varsity red, is just perfect. This heavy 100% cotton pullover has kangaroo pockets and a cutaway hood and I just know it’ll fade to that gorgeous red-pink color you see on vintage sweatshirts.

Available for $135 at Knickerbocker.

Though we’re still a ways off from our inevitable release, it’s important for this of us with income to make sure we’re supporting our friends in the garment/retail business. We, as a community, are stronger together and when we look out for each other, we also wind up dressing better—what a great bonus!

Be safe for the duration of quarantine, be kind to those around you and do a bit of shopping when you can!

And stay tuned for our Brand and Retailer Check-Ins that come out each week, to know who needs help and who’s offering the best deals!

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