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Ashland Gets Foxy With Its Shell Cordovan Bifold

Get a pocket full of horse butt with Ashland Leather‘s latest batch of Shell Cordovan Johnny The Fox Bi-Fold Wallets. Store your essential purchasing implements inside these for likely the fanciest leather carry you’ll experience – Horween’s Shell is as about as premium a leather as they come.

With a classic design featuring six pockets, two hidden, and one cash slot, you’re not going to have any issues fitting your moolah in this foxy beauty. Unless your name is George Costanza, of course. Machine-sewn in China, it’s not a far cry from your old bi-fold, but the material is likely leagues apart.

Johnny The Fox is a good entry point into the realm of experiencing/incorporating shell cordovan into your every day carry. You probably won’t regret it, especially when you’re still using one of these 30 years from now.

Available for $300 (#8) and $325 (Natural) at Grant Stone