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Father’s Day Gifts for Denim Dads

It’s Father’s Day in six days. This may come as some shock, considering where we’ve been in a time vortex where everyday has been March 15 (and also infinitely far away from it) for the past three months.

But if you’re looking for something to show dad that you’re thinking of him in the sub $100 range, we’ve got you covered.

1. Tellason Stock Straight Fit Jeans


Say your dad has expressed some passing interest in “those jeans that look stiff like they used to in the 70s” but you’re reluctant to give him the $300 Momo treatment in case he doesn’t like em or can’t take the blue stains on his Yeti cooler. Tellason Stock is there for you at $99, Made in USA, in a forgiving straight cut, with denim that’s not so stiff that dad will groan for the first week of trying to stuff his iPhone 11 plus in the front pocket.

Available for $99 at Heddels.

2. Kiriko Two Tone Azukicha Bandana

Has there been a better season for the bandana? Everything else is terrible, but I feel like we’re all finally starting to realize the essence of bandana in the everyday kit. You could already blow your nose in it, wipe up a spill, daub your forehead or tie back your hair, BUT NOW you can also use it as a makeshift mask or use it to open a public door handle. Let dad keep a barrier between him and the world in style with this beautiful number from Kiriko, that’s printed in Oregon using traditional Japanese techniques.

Available for $36 at Kiriko.

3. Blackthorn DIY Leather Wallet Kit


Needle, thread, and three pieces of leather, dad does the rest. He probably could use a new indoor hobby anyways, and this could set him down the long road to crafting belts, bags, and wine totes. Or it could set you just the same, earn bonus points by stitching it yourself for an elementary school throwback homemade gift.

Available for $25 at Blackthorn.

4. Lady White Co. Athletic Socks 2-Pack

I’ve been working on a follow up to my Great White T-Shirt review piece for like a year now (it’s coming eventually…) but to cut the the chase, Lady White crushed it yet again with their Athletic Sock. Durable and high quality enough to wear everyday, priced to the point where you could semi-reasonably stock a drawerful, and subdued enough that they could work as a dress sock in a pinch. Crack the door open on quality for dad with a nice pair of socks, once he sees what it’s like inside, he might decide to settle in.

Available for $48 at Lost & Found.

5. The End of Policing

Dad’s probably trying to get hip with current events. He means well, but there’s only so much you can wring from cable news. Expand his media diet with a book that examines the very nature of the systemic problems we’re dealing with and what “defunding the police” might actually look like in practice. And the publisher has made the ebook completely free, so this one goes out to you unlucky souls finding themselves economic casualties of this pandemic and those who waited til the last minute. It’ll be like three chapters before he even realizes he’s being radicalized, trust me.

Available for FREE at Verso Books.

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