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Freenote Cloth’s Lambert Shirt Is a Finely Tuned Chambray

Before you spend another Jackson on a department store button-up that’s just gonna fall apart in a couple of months, consider Freenote Cloth’s Lambert Chambray, your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Wear this one out on the job site, and you might be mistaken for the superintendent, a nice button-up can take you ahead in the confidence department. Funny how a vintage-style work shirt is no longer something you’ll find in a store like Sears, when these are everything a worker could want in a functional shirt, not to mention longer-lasting. Unless you’re wearing this one bushwacking. Don’t do that.

Japanese chambray, need I say more? This beautiful material is 100% washed indigo-dyed cotton, AKA it’s instantly worn-in and ready to go. Can anyone else see the new era of chambray that we’ve entered into?

The Lambert features all the usual details you’d find on a vintage chambray work shirt, like a chinstrap, ever-functional chest pockets, double and triple-needle stitch construction, elbow reinforcing patch (so you can’t easily wear a hole through them while your elbows dig into your work from home setup), chainstitch runoff, side gussets, Japanese hardware, all sewn in the USA — just how they used to be.

Available for $250 at Freenote Cloth