Graham Keegan Supplies Your Next Lockdown Project With Its Indigo & Shibori Natural Dye Kit

If you need a project to occupy your time (and god knows, many of us do) then the Indigo & Shibori Natural Dye Kit from Graham Keegan is probably a good way to go. We all love those gorgeous blues in our favorite indigo garments and imagine how satisfying it could be to make your own!

Though the kit comes with everything you need to make the dye, it’s a little short on things to dye, but that’s where you come in. The crazy thing is that once you make your vat of dye, it will stay viable for weeks at a time, allowing you more than enough time to experiment with any garments you may have lying around.

What about a shibori t-shirt? Maybe want to dye those white painters pants you never wear? There are all manner of ways to revitalize old garments and make some new creations in the process. Though more involved than most products we advocate, this ought to get your mind off the trying times and channel your creativity in a fruitful way.

Available for $46 at Manready Mercantile