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Kapital Takes A Rayon Shirt To Navajoland

Don’t be spending $495 on an Aloha Shirt right now, even one as perfect as this Rayon Navajoland Aloha Shirt from Kapital. It’s exquisite, yes, but it’s just not the time. Bookmark it for sure — there will be a time and hopefully it’s soon and not because systemic racism won again but because real reform is actually underway.

Is it worth half a rack? Probably. I have no idea how they achieve that print, but I assume witchcraft isn’t cheap to contract. And I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money, at least not this time. I’m just telling you when to spend it, and that time isn’t Now. Yes, it’s June and the shirt is made of a silky 100% rayon fabric and has a camp collar and a baggy fit that is, again, perfect, but if you have $495, I cannot, in good conscience, advise you to spend it on this shirt. (If you do have that kind of cash lying around and need to spend it, however, by all means buy the shirt but also hmu and let’s talk. You could do some good in these times and a little goes a long way.) 

To be clear, I have exclusively positive feelings about this shirt and would be feverishly listing things on Grailed in real-time if this were the Great Before. But it’s not. The flex can wait.

Anyways, Mannahatta has this stunner, and bookmarking is a function that absolutely still works. 

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