Let Your Mask Match Your Candy Stripe Shirt With American Trench’s Summer Weight Face Mask

American Trench has created a Summer Weight Face Mask that, pandemic or not, people are going to want to wear. And who can blame them? Made from 2 layers of 100% cotton blue oxford stripe shirting, they will keep you looking dignified pre, during, and post sneeze.

But on a serious note, these masks are not medical grade nor are they a substitute for an N95. However, what they will do is minimize the spread of the virus when you have to leave the home by containing your own germs. Anyways, even the most disciplined amongst us need a reminder every once in a while to not touch your face, this is that reminder.

The masks are made in North Carolina and feature accordion-style construction and elastic straps. Might I suggest pairing one with a candy stripe oxford, khaki shorts, and medical gloves?

Available for $12.50 at American Trench