Paint The Town Indigo With Yamato

Quarantine got you feeling creative? Corona lockdown made you want to craft? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then look no further as we’ve found just the thing for the crafty denim head and indigo enthusiast:  The Yamato Indigo Dye Fabric Paint Kit.

Get funky with a bandanna, tote bag, t-shirt, or whatever is closest to hand (best to avoid pets, children, or spouses). This little paint set includes 10g of Yamato Indigo, 100g Yamato Indigo Paint Binder, 100g of 30% vinegar, a pair of latex gloves, and instructions.

All you need to start painting like an indigo-driven Picasso. After mixing the dye and binder, the paint is ready in a few minutes and can be applied to cotton and linen. No need to heat or steam anything and the possibilities are endless. Pick up a brush and give it a go!

Available for $28 at Yamato Indigo