WHO Publishes Latest Guidelines On The Use Of Masks For COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its guidelines on the use of facemasks, including some information regarding homemade masks, for those of you with homemade PPE. If you can’t get your hands on an N95 mask, heed the WHO’s advice and protect yourself however you can. Grab a bandana, an old tee, antique indigo rags, whatever you’ve got can help in some way.

The WHO recommends layering up when using cloth fabric, a minimum of 3 layers for non-medical material (depending on the fabric), so wrap that scarf around your face a third time if you can. They also recommend not using stretchy fabric, as it’s more porous, so most of you denim bros out there should be covered in that department, your closets are full of chambray.

If your DIY denim face mask is a little too torn and faded, the WHO wants you to consider keeping it in your closet to use on repairing your jeans, instead of a virus-protecting layer you can fully depend on. Don’t reach for your waxed denim rags, either, you might not be breathing comfortably. Make sure those homemade masks are covering your nose properly, and don’t share it with your friends, all while practicing social distancing, so they can see your impressive

Read through all the guidelines on mask usage here