Rancourt & Co. Offers Wholesale Prices To Steer Through COVID-19

When discussing heritage footwear, it is only a matter of time before the name Rancourt comes up. And when it does, it tends to take over the conversation. Why? Because there are so many positive things to say. For the last 52 years, this family-owned business has made quintessential New England footwear in Maine. Not because it was trendy, but because it was functional. Not because it was easy, but because it was worth sharing. And not because it was cheap, but because it would last a lifetime.

As you might expect, Rancourt has been affected by the pandemic, forcing the company to think on its feet, which has sparked a rare opportunity for new and returning customers alike.

Through a crowdfunding model, Rancourt will be offering some of their best sellers at wholesale prices up to around 150 pairs per style. With the goal of keeping every single one of their irreplaceable shoemakers on, not only is this an incredible chance to own a pair of handmade shoes worth waiting for, it is a testament to the loyalty that Rancourt has for its employees.

With timeless styles like the Beefroll Penny Loafer and Gilman Camp-Moc to an update on the classic tennis shoe with their Court Classic 2.0 there is a style to fit any wardrobe. That’s the thing with classic styling, it can work anywhere.

So if you want to do your footwear game a favor while contributing to a small family business, check out this rare crowdfunding opportunity