Red Cloud’s LOT. R423-66 Utilizes U.S. Cotton For An Equally American 1966 Cut

There must be something in the water, because many of our favorite brands are offering great, by-the-books repros. Sure, all those high-tapered, nippy, slubby cuts are fine, but it’s nice to see brands going back to the source material and making the good stuff.

Red Cloud has a new jean:  the Lot. R423-66, which is essentially a 1966 501— albeit with a few tweaks. Now, what those tweaks are? Well, Red Cloud hasn’t deigned to explain, but the color and construction looks mighty accurate. Using U.S.A cotton for a 13.5 oz. fabric that winds up looking eerily similar to that 60s blue, the straight cut has that perfect amount of taper you can expect from a ’66.

Custom rivets and a period-accurate paper label round out the reproduction.

Available for $155 at Red Cloud Overall