Samurai Wields a 17 oz. Denim Tool Bag

Samurai’s got a 17 oz. Denim Tool Bag for your daily tool carry, whether that be gear for wrenching your bike, taking 35mm photography, or carrying a sling-pack load full of tater tots about as you do activities in your backyard with your brother—what? You don’t do that with your sling pack?

17 oz. Japanese denim lined with heavyweight indigo-dyed flannel is perfect for toting greasy snacks around, as well as being great for more modern applications like carrying your phone, wallet, and keys. Or perhaps your face mask, gloves, and hand-sanitizer… sling packs provide endless solutions for everyday problems, and when they’re raw denim, they’re just, well, cool.

Get your essentials carried around your torso with this  Sammy sling bag, you won’t regret it once the denim on the bag is more faded, beat up, and generally way more appealing than the ultralight tech-boi’s sling packs.

Available for $108 at Corlection