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Sew Up Your Own Minimalist Card Wallet With Blackthorn Leather’s Rover II DIY Leathercraft Kit

Los Angeles based leather brand Blackthorn Leather is offering customers a chance to try their own hand at leather working with this nifty little DIY kit. Their popular Rover II wallet is a minimalist card holder design which will fit 7-8 cards comfortably (or more once the leather breaks in) all the while fitting nicely into your pocket.

With a slim profile, the Rover II is ideal if you want a minimal daily loadout. The DIY kit includes pre-cuts of premium natural veg-tanned leather, waxed thread and a pair of needles. Perfect if you find yourself with a little spare quaran-time that you’d like to dedicate to crafting.

The natural leather will patina perfectly over time, leaving you with a wallet that you can confidently say you’ve crafted with your own two hands. And for under $30? We know a good deal when we smell one.

Available for $25 at Blackthorn Leather