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Boncoura Makes a Dogs Ear Of The Classic Harrington Jacket

Coming in archetypal Harrington jacket style, Boncoura‘s Cotton/Nylon Twill “Dog Ear” Sport Jacket is here with decades of menswear style woven into it.

Heavily inspired by the Barracuta “Dog Ear” Sports Jacket—a British classic—Boncoura’s rendition of the classic Harrington comes into its own with details like custom Japanese medium weight naturally over-dyed cotton/nylon fabric which will lead to a more worn-in look as you wear and wash it.

Also featuring large urea buttons, adjustable cuffs & waistband, and its namesake dog ear collar, this Japan-made jacket is perfect at being what it is. Don’t think about that too hard. Simple, but done well, down to the smallest details, like the tag that will make you consider wearing this jacket inside out,

If you are looking for a year-rounder’, it doesn’t get more classic.

Available for $525 at Corlection