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Dr. Collectors Renders Its P24 Painter Pants In ‘Cloud Avocado’

Remember that guy who offered to drive you to Vegas for free in his camper last summer? No? Oh, well, Dr. Collectors is selling his pants, the P42 Painter Pant in Cloud Avocado. Seriously, these are some heady pants, man. They’re green, like, greeeeen. And, they’re painters pants, so you can use them to paint or store your acid, whatever floats your boat.

These 9 oz. duck canvas pants are dip-dyed and come with details like an elastic waistband for ease of use (If my pants aren’t easy, I’m out, and I’m sure as hell not taking mushrooms on belted pants), some pockets for your clammy hands, and all that greenest of green.  Dr. Collectors advise sizing up on these wide pants, which also come with a high waist.

Available for $275 at Trading Post L.A.