Escape Peril With The Bonhomme X Nébeau Collaborative Bucket Hat

The summer sun is beating down and like it or not, you’ll need to buy a hat. Some of us are bold, donning wide-brimmed cowboy hats and straw numbers, while others keep it low-key with a classic baseball cap. If you reside in neither of these camps and want to do things differently, read on!

Two French brands, Bonhomme and Nébeau have collaborated to give us a rather interesting bucket hat. Bonhomme specializes in escape scarves (foulard d’évasion):  scarves given to servicemen during WWII that included a map for escaping back across enemy territory! Nébeau, on the other hand, makes maritime-inspired clothing and has sewn an escape scarf into the underside of one of their white bucket hats.

All made in France, the brim of the bucket hat even has a small hidden pocket, you know, for escape reasons. You can keep the brim down for shade, or pop it up for a bit of color, either way, this French collab will keep you a little cooler this season.

Available for €75 (~$85 USD) at Bonhomme